Birthday Parties


Birthday Parties

Every party needs a fun activity and All-American Teddy Bear's create a cuddly friend program is perfect for Birthday parties and other fun occasions.

All-American Teddy Bear can either provide a party in a box that is shipped directly to your house or event location. The kit includes everything needed for the event. Where available, we can also provide a staffed furry friend activity that's ready to go at your event.


Our hand stuffing creates a more hands-on activity that allows partygoers to gather around a table and stuff their furry friends together.

The All-American Teddy Bear stuffing machine brings a fast-paced dynamic to a party. Children go to the stuffer that air blows the fluff to create a new furry friend. The stuffing machines are not available in all areas.

Guests then can use washable markers to create their own design on a small T-shirt for their new friend.

Custom shirts with any type of logo, artwork or phrase are also avalable to commemorate the occasion.